Friday, 5 February 2021

The Bradmoor Murder - Melville Davisson Post


You want your murders vintage?  How about this, from 1922, by an American 'master' living in England and obsessed with the English upper class.  The title story is a locked room mystery about ancient curses.  Indeed, all the stories are broadly similar in that they have narrators who have little or nothing to do with the story but who are told what happens by others.  There are elements of the supernatural which recurring characters like Sir Henry Marquis, Head of Scotland Yard's CID, and Sir Godfrey Simon, the world-famous alienist, accept without batting an eye.  Everybody has a peerage or at least a knighthood and the action takes place everywhere from Libya to Belgium.  They are very unusual and quite fascinating.  And there are more of the same available from Bloomsbury Reader

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