Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Night of Error - Desmond Bagley


Been looking for a classic thriller about manganese nodules? Look no further - this is it.  It's also the most thrilling of the four Bagley thrillers I have read over the last year.  Mike Trevelyan is an oceanographer, as is his estranged brother Mark.  Now Mark has died somewhere in the Pacific and Mike has come into some of his notes and samples.  It turns out these samples are not the common or garden manganese nodules which litter the floor of the ocean and are not worth the trouble of dredging them up.  No sir, these are super duper nodules incredibly rich in minerals and worth a billion or more.

So we have our maguffin and off we go on our treasure hunt to the South Seas in a brigantine crewed by Mike and Mark's late father's former commandos.  Out to stop them, and reap the treasure for themselves, are agents of a mysterious South American mining combine who will stop at nothing - not even murder.

Night of Error has everything - nightclub singers, millionaire adventures, leper hospitals, drunken medics, hand to hand fighting, a jaw-dropping twist and a literally explosive climax.  It comes hotly recommended.

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