Monday, 2 December 2013

Waiting for Wednesday - Nicci French

This is the third Frieda Klein novel and my first Nicci French.  My responses are mixed.  It is well enough written, with occasional passages of insight and exploration, to keep my attention to the very end, but there are far too many characters and far too much exposition from the previous two in the series.  I have absolutely no idea who Sasha is and absolutely no need to read Blue Monday or Tuesday's Gone.  From the technical point of view, the culprit in the A story is discovered by ludicrous coincidence, though the denouement of the B story is properly thought through.  The main problem is that our psychoanalyst protagonist has no business getting involved and seems to lack the sense she was born with.  Maybe a little exposition on her credentials would help - as it is, I wouldn't want an analyst this bloody gormless.

I'm not sure I will bother with the next Klein but I'll certainly take a look at some of their earlier work (I'm assuming everyone knows they are a writing duo).  Interesting - but not captivating.

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